Apprenticeships Help Businesses Build Resilient, Consistent Workforce

It is time to rethink the term Apprenticeship.  Have you thought about starting an apprenticeship program at your business but don’t know where to begin? Could you benefit from an apprenticeship program? An apprenticeship is an earn-and-learn training model that combines work-based learning with related classroom instruction. There are thousands of nationally recognized apprenticeship programs for professions you have not considered including high tech to CEO, or create your own.  Apprenticeships are being used across the Country to prepare for retirement/succession, train for promotion within without losing productivity, and to help attract more talent.

This effort can help prepare a path for employers to meet demand in a tight hiring market and raise their own qualified workforce.  Participants get paid to learn on the job while employers build a strong, skilled workforce qualified to meet specific needs.  Statistics show an apprentice is more dedicated and more productive over their career, molded to fit your specific company needs, and with a retention rate that exceeds 90%.

The Utah Department of Workforce Services and Utah Apprenticeship Network recently hosted a business to business (B2B) webinar with employers currently participating in apprenticeship programs. They are sharing, at no charge, their informative B2B webinar video to help businesses find out how to get started. The webinar can be found here:

The average wage for a fully proficient worker who completed an apprenticeship translates to approximately $70,000 annually based on skills learned and productivity created during the process. Employers can work with outside public or private resources to develop apprenticeships designed to meet individual and specific company objectives.  Employees who complete their program earn approximately $300,000 more over their career than non-apprenticeship participants.

For more information on how apprenticeships can help you grow and sustain an innovative and skilled workforce while increasing engagement and retention, visit: or contact Melisa Stark, (801) 628-4051, or Alexia Murphy, (801) 707-3549,