Backman Title Services

Backman Title Services was originally founded in 1900. It has grown to become an industry leader and one of the most respected and largest locally owned title companies in Utah.

Backman Title’s focus is on doing work right the first time. We have chosen to take a detailed approach to identifying and eliminating title risks that could result in a future claim. This attention to detail means employing local experts who know and understand Utah laws, underwriting standards and best practices. Over the past few years, others in the industry have outsourced their title searching and relied on the work of people who are not located in Utah and are not Utah residents.

Although all of us at Backman Title Services remain committed to safe and reliable title work and escrow closings, we know that honoring our predecessors’ commitment to quality means being ready to adapt to the ever-changing business climate. As the economy and technology change, we are dedicated to providing enhanced superior service along with a warm and professional atmosphere that our clients have come to expect.