Weller’s Bistro

Jan Weller, owner of Weller’s Bistro, hails from Witten, Germany, and the current menu is reflective of his heritage. Many of the recipes have been in his family for generations—such as his grandfather’s hühnerfrikassee (chicken fricassee), which, as Weller was growing up, he would regularly help him make.

Today, Weller uses Riesling wine as part of the recipe to honor him—adding authenticity to the veloute sauce-based entree of chicken breast and thigh, asparagus, mushrooms, peas and carrots. Although not as popular as the restaurant’s schnitzel, Weller feels that the hühnerfrikassee is a fantastic representation of German cuisine.

Everything at Weller’s Bistro is made in house; he uses his grandmother’s sauerkraut recipe. The restaurant may look more modern, but the traditional North Rhine-Westphalia food will take you back in time.