Davis County Tourism Announces Rebrand as Discover Davis

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (November 23, 2020) — Excited to announce a rebrand, Davis County Tourism and Events — rebranded to Discover Davis — launched the campaign “Find Your Haven” and tagline “Utah’s Amusement Capital.” Accompanied by a newly designed logo, this campaign highlights the well-known Lagoon amusement park along with a myriad of entertaining ways to enjoy the outdoors, experience adventure and create lifelong memories in Discover Davis.

“This rebrand comes at a time when families are spending more time together and Discover Davis is a close, family-friendly option for local exploration,” said Jessica Merrill, tourism director of Discover Davis. “Davis County is committed to investing in the growth of tourism, and this brand is the next step to marketing the adventure and excitement that can be discovered here.”

The rebranded logo for Discover Davis is a perfect illustration of “Utah’s Amusement Capital.” The symbol is shaped like a D, for Davis, with the backbone curved to represent the Cannibal ride at Lagoon, defying gravity and bending backward. Within the D, the design communicates the iconic Wasatch Mountain Range with the waves of the Great Salt Lake in front. This could also represent the local Antelope Island State Park. Above the mountains, stars shoot through the sky illustrating the Hill Air Force Base planes as they rocket through the sky.

“Anyone can experience the happiness and amusement of laughing and screaming on a roller coaster at Lagoon or our other amusement centers, adventuring at Antelope Island State Park with roaming bison, swimming and feeding animals at SeaQuest or shopping and dining at places like Station Park,” said Merrill. “This new brand demonstrates that well.”

The Discover Davis campaign, “Find Your Haven” further communicates how anyone can find fun in Discover Davis all year round. With 400 restaurants, 10 golf courses and over 500 miles of trails, there is something for everyone. In the winter, Discover Davis is within 60 minutes of nine world-class ski resorts.

Everyone is encouraged to “Find their Haven” and Discover Davis by visiting their rebranded website, discoverdavis.com, and find inspiration for your next staycation.

“Davis County is an ideal place to raise a family and enjoy a variety of fun adventures,” said Bob Stevenson Davis County commissioner. “With this rebrand to Discover Davis, we are excited to share ‘Utah’s Amusement Capital’ with residents, nearby community members, local Utahns and all visitors.”

You can also learn about the destination and find travel inspiration by following Discover Davis on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.