Layton City in the top 500 Fastest Growing Affordable Places to Live


Layton City ranks in the top 500 out of 25,000 cities researched nationwide, and ranked 6 out of 24 listed cities in Utah, as one of the fastest growing and affordable places to live.  LendEDU, a company that provides information products on various lending options such as student loans, personal loans, mortgages, home equity loans, credit cards, insurance, small business loans, and more, indicates “you want to buy a home in a city where monthly housing costs, including mortgage payments, are manageable. You also want to find a community that is growing and desirable so when it’s time to sell your home you can profit off your initial investment.”  LendEDU data indicates that Layton City has grown 13.58% over the past 5 years with a median monthly home cost of $1,451.  Many residents have noticed this growth which will continue in the foreseeable future to meet demands of growing employment opportunities in northern Utah.


To be considered for this ranking, a city had to have a minimum population of 15,000. Further, a city had to then rank in the top 1,000 for its five-year population projection percent increase from its current population.  According to GreatData and LendEDU, this data is the most up-to-date estimates available from the U.S. Census Bureau.