Layton City Launches Research for Active Transportation Plan

Investing in cycling, pedestrian trails, and pathways creates opportunities for people to exercise, and ideally link with transit as commuting options. The desired outcome is reduced obesity and the fewer risks for developing costly chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This effort also benefits low-income and minority communities. Some in these communities are less likely to own vehicles and unsafe streets pose a barrier to using active transportation.

These challenges, among others, promoted Layton City to recently launch an Active Transportation Planning process for the community. Leaders from the city’s Parks and Recreation and Community and Economic Development departments are currently moving forward with this effort. City employees who are current Layton residents, and others have been invited to serve as Resident Perspectives as part of the Steering Committee. These include avid cyclists, runners, hiking enthusiasts — all consistent users of the city’s trail system. Participants will help suggest how all members of the community will have a voice and meaningful opportunities to participate.

This is an exciting time for Layton City. The Active Transportation Plan is a tremendous opportunity to provide recommendations for new policies and programs that the City may incorporate to increase the success of active transportation infrastructure implementation. The effort will also help promote increased active transportation participation from residents and visitors.

The active transportation planning process is indeed an opportunity for collective conversation and action.  The process includes five steering committee meetings, a stakeholder mobility tour, online participation and two in-person community outreach events, all designed to identify and understand the best options for an active transportation plan for Layton City.

For more details regarding Layton City’s Active Transportation Plan development, contact JoEllen Grandy, Park Planner,