Layton, Utah Takes Flight: Air Taxis, Delivery Drones on Horizon

Imagine being flown in an eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) drone taxi from Salt Lake City Airport to Layton in minutes. Thanks to a new directive from Governor Cox named “Project Alta,” a new public/private partnership with the Governor’s Office, the Utah Department Of Transportation, the Utah Inland Port Authority and 47G, Utah is embracing a future of advanced air transportation. Utah Governor Cox recently unveiled this initiative in May 2024, aiming to make Utah a leader in “Advanced Air Mobility” (AAM).

Project Alta promises a sky full of possibilities:

  • Air Taxis: Skip traffic jams and zip across town in an air taxi.
  • Drone Delivery: Get groceries or packages delivered straight to your doorstep by drone. Drone delivery company Drone Up has been delivering consumer goods in Salt Lake and Utah Counties since 2022.
  • Swifter Medical Care: Time-sensitive medical supplies, like organs for transplants, will reach hospitals faster than ever. Drone delivery company Zipline has been delivering medical items in Salt Lake and Utah Counties since 2022.

Layton City is at the forefront of this revolution. “Vertiports are small airports on the ground or roof top, similar to a helipad, which allow drones of all sizes to transport goods and/or people. Here’s how vertiports will benefit the community:

  • Goodbye Gridlock: Vertiports ease traffic congestion, leading to shorter commutes, cleaner air.
  • Less Travel Time: Forget long car rides. Vertiports significantly reduce travel times, especially for longer distances.
  • Space Savers: Unlike traditional airports, vertiports require minimal space. No need for long runways. They can even be built on rooftops or in underutilized areas, maximizing space.

The Air Mobility Coalition (AMC) unites project partners across Utah. Their mission is to propel the state into the future, especially in time for the 2034 Winter Games, with Salt Lake City as the frontrunner. Just imagine the world witnessing Utah’s innovative air transport during the Olympics.

Over the next decade, AMC will work hand-in-hand with the FAA to create a safe and efficient system for passenger and cargo air transport. This includes establishing flight paths for both cargo and travel. Analyzing weather patterns and infrastructure costs are key steps, and Utah is ready to lead the way.

By 2034, expect to see established air taxi and cargo drone flights across the state. Utah’s urban air mobility will flourish, delivering groceries and packages directly to your doorstep on a regular basis. The Utah Department of Transportation, Governor’s Office, legislature, and Layton City are all on board to make this happen.

“We know that we can’t continue to add lanes to our freeways” as Utah continues to grow, Cox said at a recent news conference outside the West Valley City-based center of research and technology for Hexcel, an advanced composites technology company that supplies carbon fiber for air taxis made by Archer Aviation.  Project Alta — with a goal that would align with Utah’s chance to host the 2034 Olympic Winter Games — brings “an opportunity for us to reimagine what transportation can be here in our state,” the governor said.  “We can’t keep widening,” he said. “But we can start going vertical. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”


This is a unique opportunity for Utah to become the first state to implement AAM, revolutionizing transportation and putting Utah on the map.  Layton City is thrilled to be at the forefront of this emerging industry, positively impacting Utahns in countless ways, from improved lifestyles and cleaner air to increased economic opportunities.