Northfront Business Resource Center Delivers Valuable Services

Effective entrepreneurs know from experience that it takes confidence, determination and hard work to achieve success. They also need help with trusted advice and assistance, and Davis County’s Northfront Business Resource Center offers that level of support.

The staff at Northfront BRC demonstrate their dedication to economic growth by helping start-up small businesses in several key areas. These include: growth, expansion, innovation, increased productivity, and management improvement.

Through myriad service providers located in the 16,000 square-foot Simmons Entrepreneurial Building, Northfront BRC can assist for little to no cost in several areas. Room rental rates cost from as low as $100 to $280 per month, depending on needs. Their specialty is confidential one-on-one business consulting. Intensive business training seminars and courses are also offered throughout the year.

The center also provides assistance with the cost of developing customized workforce education programs, and providing financial assistance with needed training. Achieved skills will make a company competitive and valuable. The courses are designed to effectively train employees from a broad variety of professions and in a wide range of skills, both technical and non-technical using cutting edge industry methods.

Northfront BRC hosts business networking events, assistance with access to capital and financing programs, military, state, and federal contract procurement training and assistance.

Be sure to learn more today about the services and resources offered to new and existing businesses from the Northfront Business Resource Center.