Planned Utah Trail Network to Connect Communities

The Utah State Legislature and Governor Spencer J. Cox recently unveiled an advanced plan to provide critical connections and additional transportation options to Utahans. Utah leaders intend to invest in a network of paved trails that link residents of all ages and abilities to their destinations and communities throughout the state. Dubbed the Utah Trail Network, a network of safe and accessible trails will offer a substantial contribution to the overall quality of life for locals and visitors for generations to come.

Forward-thinking communities such as Layton City have invested in an authorized Active Transportation Plan that includes cycling, pedestrian trails, and pathways to create significant opportunities for residents and visitors to exercise, and link with transit as commuting options. Some of the benefits of an established plan include reduced obesity and fewer risks for developing costly chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Low-income neighborhoods benefit from active transportation efforts as well since residents may be less likely to own multiple vehicles.  Incomplete streets, aging streets, or streets with fewer pedestrian-focused design features also pose a barrier to using active transportation.

A handful of transportation challenges were the catalyst that helped Layton City launch an active transportation planning process for the community. Leaders from the city’s Parks and Recreation and Community and Economic Development departments are currently developing strategic research and planning efforts. For more details about the City’s Active Transportation Plan efforts, contact JoEllen Grandy, Layton City Park Planner,