A Better Quality of Life: Healthcare

Layton City offers a substantial lineup of healthcare providers, from family medical clinics to hospitals that deliver a wide spectrum of professional care. A young population negates the requirement for an overly large healthcare system in the area compared to other regions with older populations. Regardless, Davis County still employed about 16,000 health care and social assistance workers. In Layton City, approximately 5,500 workers are employed in the healthcare industry sector.

Intermountain Healthcare Layton Hospital

Strategically located near the Layton Parkway, the Intermountain Healthcare Layton Hospital provides medical expertise with Davis County convenience. Intermountain Healthcare has an impressive record of serving the Davis County Community with emergency services, women’s health, pediatrics, orthopedics, and clinic services — all accessed at the Layton Hospital location.

Layton Hospital, a 300,000-square-foot building with 43 beds, offers the latest technology to cover the full spectrum of healthcare needs. The hospital focuses on patient care and comfort with a full medical office building and complete services. Their skilled and compassionate providers are committed to providing quality-care closer to home for patients.

Holy Cross Hospital-Davis

Holy Cross Hospital-Davis is a 221-bed facility opened in Layton in 1976. The hospital has grown substantially over the years to become a first class medical facility. Whether patients seek a physician, updates on new technology, or a support group, Holy Cross Hospital-Davis is the right place. By offering a broad range of healthcare services, advanced medical technology and a comfortable, convenient patient experience, Holy Cross Hospital-Davis has become a hospital of choice for the Layton community.

Local Medical Clinics

With options for clinics like Tanner Clinic, Davis County’s largest clinic, and Intermountain Healthcare’s Layton Clinic and Layton Parkway InstaCare, residents have appropriate care close to home.

Intermountain Healthcare’s Layton Clinic and Layton Parkway InstaCare provide compassionate care for every member of your family. Their board-certified doctors offer a broad spectrum of care, specializing in primary care and family medicine.

Tanner Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic with a variety of services to help keep your family healthy. Thanks to the help of their dedicated staff and experienced physicians, Tanner offers a wide-range of medical services. Tanner is currently constructing a new 100,000 square foot clinic near the Intermountain Healthcare Layton Hospital, bordering the West Layton Parkway.

Layton was the home of Tanner Clinic’s first clinic, opened over a century ago in 1910. Since then, Tanner has been serving the myriad healthcare needs of the Layton community.