Why You Should Start Your Own Business Now

Sandi Hendry, founder of Minky Couture in Layton City, started her business 12 years ago when her daughter was hospitalized for several months. She was thinking of a way to comfort her daughter while in recovery, when she was asked to make a “big baby blanket” to snuggle up with. Fortunately, blanket making was well within Hendry’s skill set and she created the first-ever adult-sized Minky Couture blanket.

Her uniquely soft blanket rapidly became a hit with visiting family, friends, hospital staff, and especially with her daughter. Recognizing a new market opportunity, Hendry made several more soft blankets and sold them out of her trunk to her new fan base. The business continued to consistently grow and Minky Couture is now a very successful company and a nationally recognized, acclaimed brand.

So, what do you love to do? Do you have a business idea you’ve always wanted to chase? Do you want to harness your passion and skills to make money so you can do the things that matter most? This year, National Small Business Week runs from May 2-8 in the United States. The Small Business Administration (SBA) sponsors this annual celebration of small business. At Layton City, we believe every week should be Small Business Week. According to research, 96 percent of American adults shop at the small businesses in their local shopping centers, and this is not an accident.

Now is the perfect opportunity to pursue your new business dream. Fortunately, it’s easier today than ever to start a business. The Internet has transformed business startups. You can turn your ideas into a business with just a laptop or a cellphone. If you’re still having reservations, keep in mind that you’re never completely ready for the big things in life. And, like anything else, you often learn best when you’re on the job. Yes, you need a business plan, but at some point you can take action.

Lastly, it’s up to you to define whether or not your new business venture is a success. If you’re a free-lancer looking to earn a few extra thousand bucks for a fun family vacation, then that’s success. If you want to earn millions, that’s great too. What’s important is to define what business success looks like for you, build around those goals and start now.

For more information, please visit the local SBA offices in Kaysville, located at the Davis Technical College campus, and the following link:  https://utahsbdc.org/2018/10/25/kaysville/

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