Key Industries

Layton City is a major employment center for Davis County and Northern Utah. Immediately adjacent to Hill Air Force Base, the largest single site employer in Utah, Layton also includes major employment sectors such as aerospace and composites, healthcare, education, finance, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and a broad array of additional employers. With additional growth in businesses, transportation, and population, Layton continues to strengthen economically.

Hill Air Force Base (HAFB)

HAFB is the center of economic activity for Layton and all of Utah

  • $8.97 billion in annual economic impact
  • $4.6 billion in indirect jobs
  • 25,480 personnel – largest single-site employer in Utah
  • 57,175 jobs created
  • 3 squadrons of the Air Force’s most advanced fighter plane, the F-35, resulting in hundreds of jobs and $245 million in construction
  • $35 million software facility to support the F-35
  • Utah Test and Training Range, a one of a kind training opportunity that attracts military from countries around the world to Hill Air Force Base
  • $1.5 billion Northrop Grumman expansion for the GBSD missile contract and additional 2,400 new employees needed to support that project, is located just to the north of Layton at the West Gate of Hill Air Force Base and will continue to add to Layton and the region’s economic growth

Aerospace and Composites

As one may suspect next to Hill Air Force Base, there is a large private defense research, development and manufacturing industry that supports the mission of Hill Air Force Base and the United States Military, and other high tech products.


With Davis Conference Center and its immediate adjacency to Hill Air Force Base, Layton has a bustling hospitality industry that includes:

  • 70,000 square foot Davis Conference Center
  • 11 hotels with over 1,000 hotel rooms
  • Over 150 restaurants
  • 2 movie theaters


Several leading Industrial manufacturers call Layton home:


Layton is the primary retail provider in Davis County and one of the strongest in the State of Utah. Major retailers include:


Healthcare providers have selected Layton to be their center for operations: