Economic Snapshot

Layton City is a major employment center for Davis County and Northern Utah. Immediately adjacent to Hill Air Force Base, the largest single site employer in Utah, Layton also includes major employment sectors such as healthcare, education, finance, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and a broad array of additional employers. With additional growth in businesses, transportation, and population, Layton continues to strengthen economically.

Layton City consistently receives the largest number of residential building permits for single and multi-units in Davis County.

Layton City boasts a younger population with a median age of 31.4. That’s 6.8 years younger than the U.S. average. Layton consistently provides a growing workforce with an average home size equal to 3.12 persons per household.

Layton is the second largest city in Northern Utah (Ogden ranks first) when it comes to retail sales.

Layton City’s commercial and home-based business licenses have grown consistently for decades, with commercial averaging an 8.7% increase each year and home at 15%.