Recap: Layton City’s February Small Business Seminar a Success

Layton City’s Community and Economic Development department successfully completed it most recent Small Business Seminar on February 7 with attendees taking away highly useful sales force training. The event hosted 32 local business owners and leaders who enjoyed the opportunity to learn effective sales strategies, and to do some business networking before and after the presentation.

A delicious free lunch from Kneaders was provided, courtesy of Helpside. Richard LeDuc, Vice President of Sales at Helpside (also Adjunct Professor at the University of Utah) shared best practices for creating efficiencies in sales that help leaders grow their business.

LeDuc informed an engaged audience on how a business can thrive, fueled by a dynamic sales force driving revenue, forging customer connections, and solidifying brand loyalty. He demonstrated how this becomes a reality with an effectively trained strategic sales team. Effective revenue-generating staff go beyond mere transactions. They’re master communicators, build trust, and understand customer needs. They’re relationship architects, fostering enduring connections that drive repeat business. And, they’re closing powerhouses, converting leads into loyal customers, fueling bottom line like never before.

One of the memorable takeaways from LeDuc’s training included detailing insightful customer behavior affected by something as simple as saying “thank you.” A study found that at a typical restaurant when the bill is presented at the end of a meal and the waitress (or waiter) gives one mint to each person at the table, this increases their tip by about three percent. When the waitress gives two mints to each person, this small changeup increases their tip by about 14%. And, when a waitress gives one mint to each person, leaves the table, but turns back and says, “For you nice people, here’s an extra mint,” this gesture increases the customer’s tip by an impressive 23%! LeDuc encouraged his audience to be the first to give, and to make sure that what you give is personalized and unexpected.

Started in 2016, Layton City’s Small Business Seminars are held quarterly and meet at the Layton City Center Building, 437 N Wasatch Drive, Layton, UT. Most classes average about 30 attendees, consisting of local small business owners and managers. Lunch sponsors are also given the opportunity to give a five-minute presentation about their business and are welcome to distribute marketing materials including business cars. If you are interested in sponsoring lunch for the next class in May or later this year, contact Morgan Cloward today at, or 801-336-3770.