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The News Travel section recently placed Utah at the top of its “10 Of the Best States to Live In During 2024” report. The news organization’s editors said: “Utah offers a high quality of life with a strong job market, low crime rates, and stunning natural beauty. It’s a great place for outdoor activities […]

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Utah was recently ranked No. 1 in WalletHub’s “2023 Happiest States in America” report. Adam McCann, WalletHub Financial Writer, said: “Even though people across the U.S. are facing difficult times, the state in which you live may have an impact on how happy you are. In this study, WalletHub drew upon the findings of ‘happiness’ […]

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Utah is all about outdoor recreation and is known for a wide variety of outdoor activities. If you’re planning a weekend of hiking, backpacking, and camping, Utah has countless options. One could spend years exploring just one of the State’s five national parks, 44 state parks, nine national monuments, five national forests, and more. Utah […]

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