YouScience Brightpath Elevating Utah Students to Succeed and Lead

YouScience Brightpath is a platform designed to help students discover their strengths and interests, and then connect them to educational and career paths that are a good fit.  It’s aimed at middle and high school students. YouScience also helps local employers access a pool of students with relevant skills, aiding informed hiring decisions.

Here are some of the key things YouScience does:

  • Aptitude and Career Discovery: It uses games and assessments to identify a student’s natural talents and interests.
  • Education and Career Planning: It helps students develop a personalized plan for their education and career, including course selection and college choices.
  • Skill Certification: Students can earn certifications that validate their skills to potential employers.
  • Career Path: This service and related data help match eligible students into youth apprenticeship programs that can set them on a path for success.

Parents can make informed decisions about their child’s education and career choices. Teachers can use YouScience to track student progress and get insights into their strengths and weaknesses. Since 2019, the Utah state legislature has funded YouScience through the Student Credential Account (SCA). YouScience provides a common platform for students, teachers, counselors, and administrators to link student learning, aptitudes, and skills certifications to academic and career pathways, work-based learning and career outcomes. The service is available for all public middle/high schools.

YouScience is a valuable resource for students in Utah. Of all of the student aptitude and career discovery tools, YouScience has proven to be the most robust and relevant.