Monday with the Mayor Invitation

As a long-life resident, Layton City Mayor Joy Petro is eager to show why Layton is a great place to operate a business in a business-friendly community. The Mayor recently began producing a highly informative and entertaining weekly video series highlighting Layton businesses. Dubbed “Monday with the Mayor,” the videos show why residents and visitors alike enjoy a thriving economy and career opportunities, thanks to local businesses such as yours.

With a vibrant culture and robust economic growth, it’s no wonder the city has achieved rankings as one of the best cities to live. If you are interested in participating in a video with Mayor Petro highlighting your business, be sure to contact Morgan Cloward, Layton City Economic Development Specialist today at, or call 801-336-3770. We will place you on a list and are happy to work around your schedule.  The best part is free exposure and an opportunity to visit with Mayor Petro. There is no cost to this service; it’s our way of saying “thank you” for your significant contribution to our community by strengthening Layton City’s economy.

Here are a few local businesses recently featured in Monday with the Mayor:

Be sure to reply to today for consideration for Monday with the Mayor.